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Count your blessings......


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My mother in law said i could steal her idea. There can be a cute way to do a mailing with the cover letter. We could tell people to count their blessings and donate for lung cancer and like have a sheet with things such as:

$10 for each healthy child you have

50 cents for each tv in your house

$5 for each vacation you take a year

and if you add like 30 things, we could get anywhere from $10 up to $100 for each flyer :)

what do you think?

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What could be done is that we come up with a standard letter/flyer/whatever to send out. ALL money would be sent DIRECTLY to Katie and Rick at LCSC or if we collect checks, they would be payable to LCSC so we don't have to worry about issues of each person accounting, or issues of anyone keeping funds, etc.

Now let's say that there are 30 people who want to participate. Each person uses the standard mailing and it will all be mailed from one location for uniformity. But enclosed with that, for each's person's address list, will be a personalized letter (personalized meanign telling your story, how you got involved and signed love, Nat or love Andrea, etc)from the person so those who receive it kind of know who it is from. If people feel more of a connection, they give more.

Then we do Count Your Blessings and ask for money based on cute things like how many healthy children, etc. We come up with about 30 things.

HOWEVER, we also say they don't have to send that much if unable and we would count our blessings if they give a minimum of $10.

All the money goes to LCSC. There can be a list kept for who gives money so we can know who to thank. And then we can ahve a raffle.

Does this make sense?

My mom gave an enthusiatic, now that sounds great to this plan :)

My secretary also thinks this could be helping people on a different level with awareness in the mailing.

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