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A Tribute To Mom


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My Mom is a beautiful person, we always knew that.....

On the exterior she is 58 but looks much younger,

Has beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes that look like oceans...

If you walk into her home, you are the center of her world

there is coffee and friendship waiting for you....

Many would enter just to be near.....

Her laughter can be heard on a summers day.. bringing a smile

as i walk faster to get there sooner...

She is the case manager at the Salvation Army a christian charity

she often overslept on sundays, but performed Gods work in her daily life

she feels Gods love in heart and brings joy to many....

I once stopped by her office for a visit and a man was yelling

at her because he wanted money...

Mom gave him the tools to get his needs met, I was scared,

I felt like hiding or calling the police....

Mom is so strong and compasionate....i was amazed...

I have seen the cards and sat up reading them for hours...

while praying she slept through the night and woke up feeling good...

Moms chemo was close by but radiation was far away an hours drive

each way and longer in the snow. Chemo makes her sick so the thought

of her driving there was umimaginable....

I was so upset and asked the nurse how could she manage her life

during these treatments.. she provided me with a social worker who

recognized my Mom immediately, thats your mother,and she has cancer??? Mom has given me furntiure destroyed..during fires for burn victums....etc ..etc.. She will get rides don't you worry...

However, Mom didn't want people to see she was sick...she always dressed so nice to go to the hospital... i bought her small pink, baby blue, and red satin scarves to wear over her head to match her sweaters...

Mom is so delicate and yet so brave and strong....

She doesn't care much about material possesions, she has a lifelong friend

who has traveled around the world ...fancy cars, jewels and has maids clean her house.

Mom never was jealous, however she would like to go to Hawaii...when she feels better.... :lol:

Get better and take that trip Mom!!!!!!

Praying for you to beat this thing....

Laurie 8)

PS does this program Have spell check??

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I'm glad that spelling doesn't matter... thankyou to all who created these boards... these message boards are keeping me going. I'm up all night, unable to sleep, stressed out, as you can see by my messages pacific coast time, 3 am where i am. And spelling doesn't seem to matter much... I like to read the stories so many have shared and given hope and encouragement to others.. by posting there stories...

Thank you to all for sharing :)


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Guest patti_ann


What a beautiful tribute to your Mom. I could tell it came straight from your heart. She is very lucky to have such a kind, caring, compassionate daughter. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Warm hugs


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That was truely beatiful and made me cry when I read it.... as you can see at the time I post on here I stay up all night as well..... 4:45.... :wink: I got you beat!!!

Just wanted to tell you that you are in the same boat we all are... and check out the Nick at Night... that what makes me smile, even through the tears sometimes.

Stay strong,


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My Mom had her scan and we will find out wed the results.

Her tumor was 8cm, and i fear that it so big...i'm praying to God that it is gone.... and she only made it through 4 rounds of chemo but she was supposed to have six.. the last one was so awful....2 weeks of 8 hr IV's in the hospital...and a trip to the ER...

She is still vomiting (mostly in the morning) from chemo received on Jan 13th...and the doctor said her body is starting to act like an aneroxics. He doesn't want to give her any more of this chemo. But i'm worried because it was what opened her lung and enabled her to breathe.

One doctor said he feared it was spreading and another said he doesn't think so her body is just overwhelmed and not reacting well to chemo.

when they did her original scan the doctor said he had never seen a tumor this large not mets to other areas.

I fear that maybe they missed something?

I pray that everything goes well.....Please put her on your prayer lists....

Praying for a miracle...


Mom DX w SCLC 10/31/02 and collapsed lung

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Tell your Mom that being 58 and having lung cancer, is not the end of the world. She could be 59, like I am, having lung cancer, and I still haven't found the end of the world. :D:wink:

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