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Hello everyone, I posted about 3 weeks ago about my uncle's diagnosis of nsclc stage IIIb, that the dr was sure of, but that bronchoscopy and various biopies had come back inconclusive. Drs kept reaffirming that they believed it was lung cancer and at an advance inoperable stage.

Well last week they went in and did another biopsy with a needle deep into the tumor (ran the risk of lung collapse, but thankfully it did not happen), and the results came back "not cancer"!!!!!

Drs. don't know at this stage what they are dealing with, and he has a whole team working on his case at this point and a special surgeon is also being consulted. He is still seriously ill, and on oxygen but at least we have hope of it being something they can now somehow take care of.

anyone have any ideas from anything they have read of what could possible mimic small cell lung cancer? His mass is the size of a lemon and is affecting the middle breathing tube.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated!

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Sorry I can't help with what this could possibly be, but the fact that it is NOT lung cancer is news for celebration. Thank God! Hope he gets some resolution and a plan of action going soon, no matter what the diagnosis.

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Have they checked for Valley Fever or any other kind of fungus? Valley Fever is a very serious fungus and can be just as dangerous as lung cancer if not diagnosed and treated right. Just a suggestion but it wouldn't hurt asking if he could be tested for that.

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