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Did anyone see the O.C. last night?


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I can't say I ever watched it before so I'm not familiar with the characters -- I only saw the last 20 minutes or so -- from what I could gather, she had advanced stage LC and decided not to undergo any treatment and came to say goodbye to her family....but then her family basically told her they wanted to her stick around so she decided to go for the chemo.

I would like to know what happened in the beginning and if they specifically said what type she had, what stage and her "prognosis".

Anyone catch the whole show?

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I actually thought Fox TV's treatment of the lung cancer issue was pretty good. While I was disappointed that there was no plug at the end of LCSC (as we'd hoped, since some of us had sent them messages), I wasn't terribly surprised. Here's how the storyline went:

Sandy Cohen's mom, called "The Nana" (played by Linda Lavin), came to visit from NY for the first time in many years, and seemed much "nicer" than anyone remembered. Her son confronted her on the change, tempers flared, and she admitted that she had late stage lung cancer and the doctor had given her "four to six months, tops." Of course Sandy asked about treatment options, and she said she'd decided not go that route . . . she didn't want to be sick in the time she had left. She also did not want her grandson and other family members to know of her plight.

Tensions were of course strained after that . . . her daughter-in-law (who is filthy rich) offered the very best in treatment and asked her to stay there in LA with them. Seth (the grandson, who is 16 or 17) overheard a conversation and consequently found out about the disease, and tried to talk his grandmother into seeking some type of treatment.

Now, keep in mind that all of this was going on along with several other storylines . . . main character Marissa had run away (to Chino, of all places!) because she'd found out her former boyfriend was having an affair with her mother, and the Cohen family was trying to prepare a Passover meal and convince The Nana that such an event was a regular in their household. And I won't even go into the whole Ryan/Eddie and Jimmy/Haley issues.

Near the end of the show, The Nana approached Sandy and said she was taking an earlier flight back the next day. Of course he assumed she was just trying to "escape," but she said, "But you wouldn't want me to miss my first treatment, would you?"

So it appears that instead of taking the road less traveled, as she originally planned, The Nana has chosen to seek some treatment for this disease. I'm assuming this storyline will remain a part of the show . . . it'll be interesting to see how things play out.

Greetings from your friendly TV smut viewer,


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That was an excellent re-cap! Bravo! :lol::lol:

I thought they handled it better than I expected. I did have a small fit when they showed her smoking though....

I'm sure they won't get into too much detail with stage, type, etc., but overall, I'd have to give the episode a "9"!


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