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muscle weakness?

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It can be a part of the illness (as in my case) or part of the treatment. In my case I was told by the docs that in certain cases the cancer puts out some kind of hormone or chemical that attacks the muscles. That's what landed me on that scooter you see in my picture.

If it IS caused by the cancer itself there isn't a whole lot they can do about it except try to get rid of the cancer. Since I have not had any chemo or radiation somebody else will have to tell you if and when the strength comes back after treatment.


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i echo what everyone else has said. my mother has weakness/numbness in her fingertips and lower legs/feet. the doctor said that it is caused by the carbo/taxol chemo-regime she is receiving. my mother says that walking around a little (i.e. in the backyard for 20 minutes or so a day) helps her a bit.

hope this helps,


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I have had carbo/taxo, pneumonectomy and 31 days of radiation and yes I know what weakness is. I went to pulmonary rehab to get some strength back and I push myself. My pulmonary doc tells me to get that oxygen backpack on and walk, walk walk. I am past middle age but in thepast year am embarrassed to wear sleeves that are very short because the muscle weakness shows up. The weakness does improve with exercise so encourage your mom to do a little more each day. Also try taking a can of fuit and lifting it several times a day to help the arm exercises. There are many different ones for various areas of the body.

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I have periods of weakness associated with the (at first) radiation and chemo. I find if I slowly walk as much as I can it seems to help a little. I also have major weakness when my red counts are low (no oxygen in blood) so be sure blood counts are good also.

God Bless,


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