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Another case of the ugly beast


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A friend of mine's father has just been diagnosed with extensive adenocarcinoma. I don't really know what this means or what to expect. My mom had sclc, so I primarly focused on that type. I was told that they plan on doing 4 chemo treatments (don't know what kind), then re-scan to see any progress. I was told that this type does not spread, is that true? Can anyone give me any insight on what my friend's father might experience. Thanks!

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As far as I know any lung cancer can spread. If its extensive, it sounds like it may have already spread.? No lung cancer is good news. Hopefully they have caught it in time. So sorry to hear that another person has this dreadful disease :cry: tess

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hi jennifer,

sorry to hear about your friend's father. my mother also has been diagnosed with nsclc, specifically adenocarcinoma, stage iv. unfortunately, as tess said, this type of cancer can spread too. non-small cell lung cancer tends to spread less quickly than sclc, but it is definitely not exempt from spreading. as with chemo treatments, tell your friend to make sure to monitor her father's temperature 'cause a fever can indicate an infection. my mother has tolerated chemo fairly well, although she gets tired and her legs and fingertips often have a numb feeling (she has had 6 rounds of carbo/taxol). also, tell your friend to make sure that her father eats, even if he needs to throw up. everyone tolerates chemo differently, so it's hard to indicate what to do. as with my mom, i found that she likes to drink juice (i bought a whole bunch of small juice boxes) and eat fruit (i give her canned pineapple, peaches, etc., because her doctor indicated that fresh fruits can have germs which can lead to infections). she sometimes drinks ensure when she doesn't have much an appetite (you can buy ensure at any major market). i hope that this helps. if you have any questions, just post me a note.

take care and God bless,


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