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Relay for Life


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I am so excited. Yes, I realize you all think I am crazy in general, for no particular reason. Well I am crazy and nutty, so be it :)

My sister Natalie is such a huge inspiration. I called and spoke to the head of the Newport Beach Relay for Life. I explained to her my saga about wanting to do a walk, but having no clue. I am going to be in charge of a Food Committee which basically is organizing when food comes in. And I will be heading up my own team.

I am following in Natalie's footsteps and g-d willing, maybe one day I will only be 30lbs heavier than her instead of what I am now :)

I want to do whatever I can to hand out flyers for this website, etc

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Greetings from Guam,

Here in Guam we are having a youth run for life relay that starts at 7 pm this evening and ends at 7 am. My former students have dedicated their team to me (Calling it the Z team) for which I am very touched.

It’s things like this that humble us and make us appreciate the blessings we have all the more.

God Bless,


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Here in Perth, Australia we had our local Relay For Life last weekend. I organised a team of 14 people to participate and together we all camped overnight and walked around the track for 24 hours. It was a very moving and enjoyable experience. Our team raised over $3 000 and the whole event raised over $400 000 towards the local Cancer Council.

To those of you yet to participate, good luck......and enjoy!


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I've come up with some ideas... I'm going to set a booth up and sell different items. Water, t-shirts, hats, sunblock, etc. Whatever proceeds I make I'll give to ACS.

Anyone else have ideas? Maybe we can creat a Relay for Life forum and help each other organize, etc?

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I LOVE the forum idea, it could be Relay for Life ideas and other fundraising event ideas. This way we won't bother everyone with posts that they don't want to read and we can bounce around ideas. I have ideas I would like to share and throw around :)

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