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Question about feeling so bad!!

Guest Deanna

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Guest Deanna

Hello, hope everyone is having a great day. I have a question (as always) :oops: . My dad has not had chemo or radiation for 3 weeks now, due to extremely low platelets, rbc & wbc. He had 2 transfusions on Tuesday. My question is - Why would he still be having bouts of nausea and vomiting? I figured since he has had no chemo in 3 weeks he would not be feeling so nauseated. He also is getting 2 shots a day for his low blood counts. Also, has anyone had a problem with phelm and feeling like you need to cough it up all the time?

Thanks for your input,

Deanna Sellers

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You may want to talk to you doctors, but I understand that both will have lasting effects. Even when the chemo leaves the body, the cells are still rejuvenating and turning over. Changes in the body from radiation can last up to a year I have been told. I was really nauseated after treatment for a few weeks. I had no appetite and was vomitting daily, and had to force my self to eat. (The top of my stomach got hit hard by radiation, as did my mid chest due to mediastinal lymph involvement. So I couldn't swallow either.) That soon went away. Did you Dad's scans show any mets to the liver? This could cause nausea too.


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