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trying to introduce someone very young


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I just had my radio on and heard something that made me stop and take notice. They are doing a telethon for the Make a Wish foundation. One of the stories they had was from a young boy 16 years old. He became very ill and was treated for alergies and other things for a while. It took a trip to the hospital emergency room for him to finally be diagnosed with lung cancer. His mother said that he had a tumor that took up most of one lung.

I just called the radio station and left the address of this web site. I asked the lady I spoke to to deliver it to them. I think they could use the support offered here and his story would be of interest to all of us. He is truly one that can show that it strikes all ages and not just smokers. I hope they take my advice and try to find us here. He is doing chemo and sounds like he has a rough road ahead of him.

I keep praying everyday that soon someone will see the truth and work to make the public more aware and help us find a way to beat this monster. It is hard to fight this with anyone but I can't even imagine the horror the parents of a 16 year old must be facing. Lillian

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Thank you for posting. Let's pray that they contact the parents or at least make them aware of this site. Do you have the radio staion name or e-mail. Maybe we can send e-mail or call them and let them know about this site. If you have that info. maybe you can post it...

Blessings, prayers and hugs for you,


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