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God's Sense of Humor


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I spent the majority of yesterday at my local hospital either in Dr. appt's, getting chemo or getting a transfussion. Feeling better than I have in weeks I decided to stop by the grocery store for some much needed groceries. I spent about 20 minutes just strolling the isles looking for bargins and enjoying the fact that I felt so good. Paid for my groceries, loaded my car and pulled out of the lot. The store next to the grocer is Wal-Mart and as I passed their entrance a truck came shooting out of the entry and missed my front end by less than a foot. If I had been going 1 mile an hour faster either I would have hit her or she would have hit me!

Have to laugh when I think of what COULD have happened. We always say you never know what tomorrow may bring, you MIGHT get hit by a TRUCK!!!

God Bless,


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