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Just returned from having Stereotactic & some fun in the sun. My parents flew my brother & sister to Florida also. What a surprise!!

The MRI prior to the Stereo showed no tumors :D !! The stereo was still done. I am feeling OK except I do have bouts with slight nausea and the fatigue is still hanging there. When I left OHSU I was told there were no signs of cancer & my next check would be in 2-3 months. Exciting news but the reality of the disease continues to loom in the back of my mind.

I feel chest pain occaisionally, just a nagging ache. Can't help but think the beast is back. After so much radiation to my chest could this be the result of scare tissue? I honor all your opinions and would like some feedback. It's always so comforting to have you all to turn to. Thank you so much for being here. Rachel

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Marvelous!! NED!!

The radiation scarring will likely cause discomfort for a good long while, but I know what you mean about the disease looming large. It took me until 1 year to look forward instead of over my shoulder...

Enjoy your new status as you continue to recover your strength and energy...



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Thank you all for your replies & encouragement. Be well & enjoy the fruits of all your hard work. This cancer stuff is d@mn hard work. One question without sounding computer illiterate, what is NED????

Maryann, Love the dog!!!


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