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Robs CT results not good


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Well we were shocked today to hear from the Dr that the original tumor in Robs left lung is growing again. Also he has multiple tumors (2 or 3) in each lung. So now we go to the university of Wash. to find out what we can do. The Dr there is Dr West and he is up on all the newest things and clinical trials. We are not going to stop fighting!!! :x At least there are no new nodes involved. So now we start praying for God to show the Dr what to do and to give us strength to keep up the faith that we will make it thru this. Thanks for being here for us.


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Dear Tess,

I am so sorry to hear about Rob's test results. Is the doctor he is going to see, Dr. Jack West? My mom saw him for her second opinion and he comes highly regarded! We liked him when we saw him. I pray he will give you some new direction with much success.

Andrea B.

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I am sorry the news was not as well as you had hoped for. I truely believe that God is much more powerful than this nasty ole cancer, so do put your faith in him. I also believe that something will come down the pipeline soon to cure lung cancer. Doctors are treating this disease more like a chronic illness and keeping people with lung cancer alive longer. I will pray that Rob will be healed from this dreaded disease when that day comes!


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