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Brain CT Results

Andrea B.

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My mom had a brain scan done on Wednesday and we found out today that there is no evidence of cancer, Yeah!!! The hard part is that I know the cancer is taking its toll on my mom. I look at her and see her suffering. My mom is no longer present. She hasn't been eating and is not very responsive anymore. They gave her another round of Navelbine today, but her oncologist doesn't expect her to get much more. It too is taking its toll. My mom's liver is enlarged. I always hold on to the shred of hope that something will help, but I know I must be realistic.

I am sad for her, for me, for my dad, for my daughter and the rest of our family. She is the most loving person I have ever encountered.

Okay, enough of my pity party for now. Blessings to each of you.

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Sweet Andrea,

You deserve a pity party as much as it breaks my heart that you need one. You are going through sooooooooo much. I am happy about the brain results, but sad to hear it is taking a toll on your dear mother.

So unfair.

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I lift your mom up for special prayer. She will get stronger, be responsive mentally and her appetite returns and the chemo works for her. I ask you Jesus for this in your name for Andrea's mom. Thank You! Always in my prayers each day...



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I am so sorry that your mom is not doing well. Its so sad to see our loved ones go down hill and there's not much we can do for them. I am saying prayers for her that God will comfurt her now and bring her peace. I feel for you too. :cry:

You must live in or around Seattle? I was born in Seattle, now live in Olympia, and next week we will see Dr West. Thanks so much for the info.


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