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I have Great News!!


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Had a ct. yesterday. The :Drsults was GREAT!!!! :D:D

2nd scan I have had since I started my taxol & carbo treatment. This scan is after 4 treaments!!! The right lung a speck! the lymth nodes between lungs the tumor went from 2.3cm to 1.3 cm to a small lump.

The tumor in left lung went from 2.8cm to 2.4 to 1.8cm

SO I AM VERY :D:D:D:lol::lol:

My DR is really happy that I have responded to treatment like I have!

He was surprised I did!!! He said in my general health I did 110% turn around from the first day he seen me!!! He gave me the treatment to give me quialty of live. He is astaicc!!!! that I have responded as I have!!!!

I had my 5th treatment also yesteday! :D One more treatment : :lol:

Then wait 3 wks & have another ct. Then see where we go from there!

I told my family that they could settle down now that I was going to live another 10yrs

Comming to this site was the first thing that I did right!!! With The friends that I have acquired!! I learnt so much from YOU all!!! Thank You VERY MUCH!! You can feel so much love going & comming to from this site for EVERYONE!!!

The Day my hubby heard I had cancer He started calling family & with in 24 hrs a circile was formed around me! & I wasn't out of the circle of love since!!! The circle has gotten bigger& bigger with all my relatives & friends!!! I was put on so many pray list!!!!!! How could I not get Better????

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Let me be the first to "clink" to that. SHAZAM! After only a few treatments you have responded so greatly. Miracles abound everywhere we look.

Your family support sounds like it is a great boost for your well being.

Keep hanging tough, gal.

Good Luck and God Bless

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Guest bessb


That is such wonderful news, I am so happy to hear it! I love to hear good news like this, it gives such hope to all of us, thanks for sharing

Bess B

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Hey Estelle,

That is better then GREAT NEWS!!! That is STUPENDOUS NEWS!! WOW............... You HAVE to be flying HIGHER THEN THE CLOUDS TODAY?!! WAY TO GO MY FRIEND!!! I just LOVE hearing these AWESOME GOOD NEWS STORIES!!! We CAN beat this crap!!! YES, YES, AND MORE YES!!!!! Celebrate my friend, and know I am celebrating right along side of you. WOW!!!!! Can you hear me shouting "WOW" from Minnesota?? :)


Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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Estelle, What gratifying news! Wow!

I just read in the paper that a new study was beginning Its purpose is to link prayer with patients' results. There have been studies in the past that confirm this, but I guess doctors will continue to study this because they can't believe it themselves.

Think of how powerful this forum is becoming! More than 300 and growing more every day!!

Remember: The power of positive thinking can change your world! JudyB

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