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Good Scan Results


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We went yesterday afternoon to get the results of the Hugh's scans. The doctor was tied up in another office and we went anyway to see the nurse practioner (who I never mind seeing anyway). I just wanted the results quickly - bet none of you can relate to that, huh? :wink:

First of all, I have to tell you that we went in the chemo room to get Hugh's blood drawn and by the time we left I had convinced myself that all the nurses were avoiding eye contact with us because they new something horrible we didn't know. Gosh, what nerves will do to you.

Hugh's tumor has shrunk and is now less than 1 centimeter. I guess that's pretty small. Hugh's first scan showed it to be the size of a golf ball. The second scan right before treatment showed it had increased quite a bit in size and very quickly. The nurse was rather shocked when we weren't as excited as she thought we might be with this new news. She read from the report which kept saying it was a significant improvement, less and smaller liver lesions. I guess we went in there thinking "okay, the chemo is done, it will be in remission, we will have a good summer". I had forgotten my rule of expect the worst and hope for the best. Anyway, now that we have slapped ourselves for not being grateful for a significant improvement, I guess this belongs in the good news. The cancer has shrunk, Hugh has had an awesome couple of weeks, he has put on 5 pounds since last week's visit, is eating pretty much normally for the first time since chemo started. His blood counts are still very low and he got another arensesp shot yesterday. He fully intends to go turkey hunting Saturday.

The only down side is that we are set up for more chemo next week. We have to see the doctor Monday for a more in-depth talk, but the nurse practioner set up the appointments because she said considering the fact that Hugh has tolerated the chemo so well she is fairly certain the doctor will continue. We will decide on a per treatment basis when he will have to have a break.

Thank you everyone for thinking about us!

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Guest JanetK

Wonderful news !!! It's going in the right direction.

Here's praying that the next scans will show NOTHING.


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