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She will always be my big sister.


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My sister, Eileen, was diagnosised Feb 2003 with lung cancer. When she went into the hospital Feb 19, they drained just over a liter of (cancerous) fluid from the area surrounding her lower right lung. Upon further testing, they found the cancer on her adrenal glad and in her right thigh bone.

She began a regiment of radiation within a few days. She was tolerated that well. The doctor’s decided to start chemo for the bone cancer. Chemo took a toll on her. When she went for the second treatment a week later, her blood counts were low. They sent her home and was told to come back the following week. The next week her bloods counts were still low. The doctor’s decided to give her a unit of blood. Upon typing her for the blood, they detected leukemia. Despite this, the doctors tried as hard as they could to give her radiation and chemo when her body would allow it.

By the end of March she was using a walker. A week later she was in a wheel chair. Eileen and her husband shared the same birthday. They celebrated their 50th birthday together April 6. April 15 she was taken to the hospital. She died April 23.

As morbid as is may seen, with the initial diagnosis of lung cancer, we (my brother-in-law and I) figured Eileen would not be with us at Christmas. We were upbeat, positive and hoping against hope that she was strong enough to beat it. She was a wonderful mother that loved her two beautiful daughters (20 and 22) more than life itself.

I made the trip from upstate NY to LI almost every weekend to visit Eileen and also to give my brother-in-law a break. It was so hard to get him out of the house. He knew everything would be ok with Eileen if I stayed with her. He did not want to leave her side.

Eileen would lay on the couch. We’d watch the Food Channel together. She slept a great deal of time. When she was awake, we’d talk about the strange meals they were making on the TV. To this day I have a very hard time watching the Food Channel. I think of Eileen every time.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of her. She was my big sister. She will always be my big sister. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since we lost her. I never thought we were really, really close. But even when she was feeling her worst, she wanted me with her. Times when she was not feeling well enough to have my dad visit, she wanted me with her. That made me feel very good.

I mentioned Eileen initially went in the hospital Feb 19, 2003. My mom initially went in the hospital Feb 19, 1985, when she was diagnosised with brain cancer. Mom lost her fight July 28, 1987. I know they are together, looking over us from heaven.

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What a beautiful, yet painful, post. I'm so glad you were able to spend that time with your big sister and that you and she were able to become closer through the trying time. I'm proud to say that I think the same has happened with TBone and me. You were such a wonderful support for her and her husband, and I'm sure that she and your mom are indeed up there keeping an eye out for you. Perhaps they're even watching the Food Channel with you when you're able to bring yourself to watch it! :)

As you probably already know, the anniversary of a loved one's death can be tough . . . please continue to reach out to us, and know that we're thinking of you at this special time.



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Life is so funny. Odds of both your mother and sister entering the hospital with cancer on the same month and day are unreal.

I lost my sister with a massive stroke and never got to say goodbye. she lived in TX and me in Ky. We talked by phone every week. She passed away in 1996 and I still miss her so much. She was my big sister....

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