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To the lcsc family


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Hello Everybody,

I thought I would formally introduce myself today, since I have been regularly visiting this website for over a year without ever showing my "face". I found it hard to join the site, since I felt that all I could bring to everybody was another tragedy.

I lost my stepfather to lc in feb of last year after fighting for almost a year and a half. The worst thing by far, from the beginning, was the depression. Despite hospitalizations and meds, I don't think we ever really got ahold of it, and it was probably the hardest battle of all.

My mother was the primary caregiver, and I watched her put herself and her own health last for a long time. It is strange, but it seemed that, on many occasions, she felt "guilty" for being healthy, when he was suffering so much. With the help of time and this site, things have slowly gotten better over the last year.

Although I will not be posting much, I wanted to extend a sincere "thank you" to everybody here. I have cheered the good news, and always hope for more ( I would LOVE to see so much good news that the original forum has to be archived!!!!!), and I have mourned the friends we've lost over the last year. I will continue to visit and add my good thoughts and wishes. One day I hope to really make a difference in lc. My studies at school are taking me toward cancer research, and I hope I can do something to really help!

Wishing everyone the best,


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Hi Danni,

Welcome! Sorry about your stepfather and glad to hear that in spite of that, your family is doing well. It is graet to hear that you are possibly pursuing a career in research. Who knows, down the road we will read that Danni found a cure for this dreaded disease...

Please visit often...

Blessings and prayers,

Karen in So California

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