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Ducks in Heaven


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3 Old ladies have been friends and bingo partners for years. One day, on the way home from Bingo, they are all killed in a car accident. As they approach the Pearly Gates Peter tells them the "Rules" of Heaven. "The only rule you have to follow is to not step on the ducks,” he tells them. Looking around they see heaven is filled with ducks so this may be easier said than done. A few days go by and the first of the 3 friends finds that in her rush she has stepped on a duck. A few minutes later Peter comes over leading the ugliest man she has ever seen. "I am sorry,” said Peter but your punishment for stepping on the duck is to be shackled to this gentleman for the rest of eternity. She accepts her fate and is shackled to the man. This makes the other two take notice and for the longest time they are VERY careful where they step. Running late one morning the second friend steps on a duck and sure enough, a few minutes later Peter comes along with a man even more ugly and hunched over than the first man. He explains the rules again and the second friend is shackled to her man. Well, the third friend says there is no way she is going to step on a duck and becomes much more careful. Several months pass with out so much as a close call when Peter approaches her with the best looking man she has ever seen. Peter tells her she is going to have to be shackled to this man for the rest of eternity and she asks what she did to deserve such an honor. "Nothing" Peter replies......................... he stepped on a duck.

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