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whole brain radiation

Guest jean

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Dear Jean,

Just type the words WHOLE BRAIN RADIATION in the search area and you'll find all kinds of people that have had this done. Don't know what it is your looking for. Many people on this board have had WBR.

Good Luck to you.

Please share more with us if you have time. We're here to help you!

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My brother TBone had whole brain radiation (WBR) in early January (15 treatments) for three mets in his brain. He had no ill effects during the treatments . . . kept his appetite and energy during the whole time, but did lose his hair during the second week and appeared to have a sunburn. A week or so after the treatments ended, he began to be tired a lot, and that got progressively worse and he lost his appetite as well. HOWEVER, within two weeks of ending the whole brain radiation, he started chest radiation for one of his lung tumors, so his body never really had time to recuperate and it's impossible to know what the effects of WBR only would have been. His head CT scan showed that the WBR did shrink his brain mets.

Hope this helps. And perhaps TBone and others who've experienced WBR wil respond as well.


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Jean, my dec'd husband had wbr and did very well. He had ten treatments and the 3 mets never came back. I am a great believer in that treatment. Per his dr. if their are mets in the brain, one should first have wbr first. Per him, the dr cannot see if there are other mets in areas not seen on the screen and this way the wbr will get all. Should any come back, then go for the other brain treatments.

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