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Help ~ Desparate


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Oh, Berisa-

There is nothing I can add to what all of our friends have posted already. Try and take care of the infections first, Melinda provided some good information there, and try and keep your mind on the fact that you HAVE done so much for your Dad. And he knows, and everyone knows, that were it in your power, he would be cured. You and your family are in my prayers, Berisa. Don't be so hard on yourself. You have much to be proud of, and I am sure your father is proud, too. Please take care, and keep us posted whenever you can. Deb

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I have no medical advice--- but just to tell you I am so sorry your Father has to go through this---and you are doing all that you can to help him --your father sounds like a wonderful man---but you sound like a wonderful daughter and he is lucky to have you on his side---

hopefully his infections clear up soon and he is feeling better


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Life if hard right now for your family. I'll be praying that your deep love for one another sustains you and brings you though yet another crisis. You are a WONDERFUL daughter with every reason to stand tall and proud.

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Anti-biotics sensitivity test was done and they prescribed those susceptible antibiotics to my dad for 4 days.

Your words and comfort are the great medicine to me.....Some of the replies make me cry that I know I have to leave this to doctors and GOD. I can't really help indeed.

Today morning the chief neurosurgeon told my brother on the phone that dad's infection is not in a good progress and he recommended dad to have one more surgery tomorrow morning for sterilize the wound and cutting off the infected bone and in the meantime, if they found a new tumor, they may take away. So they will arrange a CT tonight.

We whole family didn't make any decision on whether to do the surgery as we doubt whether surgery could really help as he had 3 times already. Dad may only suffer.... If you were him and us, what will you choose?

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Guest Phyllis

When I had aspiration pneumonia, the docs had to take a sample of lung tissue and grow out a culture to determine what type of bateria was causing the pneumonia. However, it was a risky procedure in my condition so I was told. In the end they admitted they did not know what actually cured it so there is always hope. They did not think I would leave the hospital either. You need to take care of yourself also. You have been going thru so much. I hope everything gets better soon.

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Ask your Father what he wants to do. Then do it.

If he cannot answer, then do what your heart tells you he would want you to do.

I know what this is like for you, Marisa. I really do. My Mom had brain mets. She wanted to keep fighting, so I helped her to do so.

You have been a wonderful advocate for your Father, Marisa. I know it's difficult to turn this over to God, but at the end of the day it's all you can do.

You are a wonderful daughter, Marisa. I know your Father is very proud of you.

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