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Divine Healing


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I heard the testimony today of a man named Vance in his 30's who is married with 4 children who was diagnosed in August 2003 with the last stage of colon cancer and was given 6 months to live. The cancer metasticised to his liver and his lungs. He underwent chemotherapy as well as some other vitamin therapies, but attributes his full remission to prayer. He had many, many people praying for him, was also prayed over by the elders of the church. This March after viewing his recent scans, his oncologist said he was amazed and simply could not explain the wonderous disappearance of all his cancer. Vance of course, told the doctor that he attributed it to prayer and the doctor said, "I can not argue with that, it is not the first time that I haven't been able to explain something with science and that someone has attributed their healing to prayer".

I know you've heard stories like this before, but it never hurts to have a new inspiration and to let you know that prayer changes things. Why God heals some and not others, I won't know until I get to heaven to ask Him.

Even if you don't receive your miraculous healing, there is something more important than clinging to your life on this earth, and that is to cling onto eternal life.

April 11th, I'll celebrate the resurrection of Jesus who died for my sins so that if I ask for forgiveness of my sins and follow him, I may inherit eternal life. I hope you have or will do the same, it makes life on this earth so much easier. If you haven't just pray a simple prayer asking God to show you the way.

I pray that you all find peace through Jesus the Christ.


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Truer words were never spoken!!! I also have your same belief system. Prayer does change things. I , too, however,don't understand why God chooses to heal some and not others which is troublesome especially in accordance w/those on this board. There has been alot of heartache here recently and I often pray for God to turn things around here. You are a wonderful testimony to your beliefs in light of the fact that God chose to take your mother home to be w/him.

I am still embroiled in an all out battle for my Dad's life. I do know that I get together regularly w/my five sisters to pray and speak scriptures of healing over my dad and hope for God's mercy upon him and so far I'm believing that a miracle will come to pass. His PET scan, a week or so ago showed no evidence of disease after six months of chemo and rad but he developed a pleural effusion towards the later part of his chemo and the doctors are determined that it is cancerous, even though after draining it, it came up negative.

They will be doing sugery on him April 21 to do a medianoscopy, thoroscopy of the pleural area to look for evidence of cancer and then if nothing shows up, they will do a lobectomy on the RLL(just to be sure). We have been praying, fasting, etc relentlessly for everything to check out once they are in there for surgery and that he will be officially healed even in the doctors eyes (even though as far as we are concerned he is already healed :lol: ; they'll see!!) At times I get scared and feel so vunerable because God could decide to do the opposite of what we are praying for but the best gift I can give him is extreme faith in him even in these extreme circumstances; medically the docs think that things don't look so good for us. ("with man this is IMPOSSIBLE but not w/God; ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD!!!!).

I'm just going to continue to stand on his promises and "hide in the shadow of the Almighty God." Not only this but try and continue to conduct my life in a way that would make my Savior proud!! :):):) (Especially after viewing "The Passion" but that is another post in itself. I was so humbled and heavy hearted after seeing that!! :cry: )

Thanks for your post divine healing has been on the forefront of my mind for the last six months along with my busy life w/my 3 children ages 4 & under and my husband etc.!!!I've got to rely on the goodness of God just to get me through my day w/out having a nervous breakdown at times!! :lol::lol:

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It IS inspiring to read and hear about divine healing. It just sends "chilly bumps" all over me. I hold tight to God's promises. If I were not a Christian, I don't know how I would make through this terrible disease that has invaded my Dad's world. I have asked my church for prayer, my Grandmother's church is praying, I have friends in Indiana........yep, I've got their church praying, folks from Florida...........the list goes on. I also stood in at our church for my Dad............I stood in front of our whole church while the elders of the church layed hands upon me and prayed. In a matter of 30 seconds, EVERYONE in our church was up front praying for my Dad. It was such a humbling experience. I felt so unworthy of everything that God has done for me, but yet I knew that he did it all out of love. I could FEEL it!!

Anne, I too will be celebrating my savior, Jesus Christ, next Sunday. I thank you for this inspirational message. I have been witness to divine healing.............it is an awesome sight!! Have a blessed day!!!


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I am also a true believer and have heard of healings such as this. It would be wonderful if all our prayers were answered in the positive but as with any "Father", sometimes the answer is no. I have come to accept that as his way of saying it is more important for the person to come "home" than to remain here in pain and suffering. I know I would much rather be with him than here, in pain or suffering. I know he loves me and will do what he feels is best for me, no matter what I want, lol. I have always said he has a plan for me and I sure wish he would share it with me so I knew if I was on the right path!

God Bless,


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Amen. This Easter please go see the Passion of the Christ ... it helps give us an a picture of the reality of what He did for us. It is His wish that we all are saved, but we must turn to Him (repent of our sins) and believe in Him in order to share eternal life in heaven.... Thank you for the post Anne.


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Thank you so much for your post. I am a Christian and I believe in the power of Divine healing from my Lord, Jesus Christ. I know I am a walking miracle. I was dx'd 3-03, cannot find tumor now or cancer. I just had brain surgery on Tuesday, April 6th. I was eating and talking and ready to get up 5 hours after surgery. The nurses and doctors said this is a miracle, did we do surgery today. I said yes, my Lord had cured and healed me. They said they could not believe the condition I was in. I give credit to my Lord, Jesus Christ. I cannot tell you in words how much I believe and how strong my faith is in Jesus. It's a million times over. He dominates my life and it is His will that WILL be done, not mine. When he speaks to me through the Holy Spirit, I listen. He died for my sins and I am not worthy of him and I listen in obeyance. I am not perfect but my focus is on the Lord...

I want to say, put it in His hands. It is bigger than us and just let go and let God. Our God is alive, he has risen. Thank you, Jesus... Amen

God Bless and Happy Easter to all,


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