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David A is in the Hospital


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David A is in the hospital with pneumonia. He has been feeling badly for the last few days and finally went into ER this morning and was admitted. I have been telling him to go to the doctor since Friday.

I plan on hurting him badly once he's released so please pray for him. :wink:


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Hey David A,

Oh Sure, just when I am trying to HUNT YOU DOWN, because I have a job for you. Well, hear this my friend! Get this out of your SYSTEM and get back here where you BELONG! :lol::P:P

Sending you lost of warm hugs and of course I'm sending up prayers.


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Will you tell him to make up his mind?? He is in, he is out, he is in... anything for attention!! He is worse than you for crying out loud!!! :lol::lol:

Tell him to get better quick and that he is in my thoughts daily!!!

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David A.,

You had better get better soon. I need you! Where else am I going to find my own personal "Provider of Blonde Jokes"? I've told you about my neighbors, The Gorgeous Blonde and The Stunning Redhead? They only allow me to live on this street because I provide them with new Blonde Jokes and Redhead Jokes! And I get these jokes from YOU!

You get well, David A.

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You need to get well really quick and get out of that hospital or Ry is going to be hot on the tracks to TP your house. lol Ry, thank you for letting us know. So get well soon and get yourself home. You are always in my prayers and I am praying for a speedy and complete recovery...

God Bless and special prayers said for you,


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