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Dear All--

Here is ALCASE's press release about today's aproval of Iressa. The

FDA approval is posted at


Vancouver, WA, May 5, 2003 - The Alliance for Lung Cancer Advocacy,

Support, and Education (ALCASE) applauds the U. S. Food and Drug

Administration's (FDA) approval of Iressa® (gefitinib), for treating

people with advanced non-small cell lung cancer whose disease has

progressed after chemotherapy.

ALCASE Executive Director, James Asher said, "We respect the

rigorous review FDA has given Iressa and know that continuing

research will help determine more precisely which patients might

benefit from Iressa and for how long. Treatment advances for people

with advanced lung cancer have been few and far between, and Iressa

offers real hope."

About171, 900 people will be diagnosed with lung cancer this year and

about 138,000 will have non-small cell lung cancer. In most of those,

the disease, which has no federally recommended screening method, has

already spread beyond the lung. "Our position," said Mr. Asher, "has

been that the possible benefits of taking Iressa far outweigh the

risks. We are glad the FDA reached a similar conclusion. We are

following with interest further studies with this and other new drugs

designed to target cancer cells and which cause fewer side effects

than current chemotherapies."

ALCASE is the only national organization solely dedicated to helping

people who have lung cancer. Services include a tollfree information

Hotline (800-298-2436) and website (www.alcase.org) and personal

support programs for people with lung cancer and their families.

ALCASE is based in Vancouver, Washington, with representation in

Washington, DC. Mr. Asher, a lung cancer survivor, and former

treasurer of the ALCASE Board of Directors, lives in New York City.


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