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LC Commercial and me embarassed


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Two things.

1. We saw an interesting commercial last night. It was from the tobacco companies. It had a circle that was just orange, it was not a "no smoking sign". The commercial was about secnd hand smoke and there was a woman who said "I never smoked, I did not choose lung cancer". But of course she mentioned she used to work for people who did smoke and it was all about second hand smoke effecting nonsmokers. It led me to ponder, what is second hand smoke. How much does it take? Is it constant smoke or is it even just walking down the street and breathing in a cigarette.

2. I am really embarassed for freaking out of the breast surgeon thing. I called my doctor and said the surgeon you are referring me to is not on my plan until May. They called me back and said it is fine to wait until May or June, just don't forget. Apparently it really is just a precaution b/c with dense breasts there can be hidden lumps that are not felt and perhaps I should get a mamogram earlier than 35. There was no urgency that he felt something suspicious, he just could not tell if something was hidden. I am sorry I freaked out, this darn disease does it to me. I feel foolish :oops: But at least my mental state is getting better b/c the old me might have insisted on seeing a HMO surgeon right away. The new me realizes this is all just part of "getting old" and when you hit the 30s, you should be checked and I know logically I am at the same risk for breast cancer as anyone. So I am calm (for the moment) :lol: And no, I had no xanax today! :)

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Sweetie, NEVER get embarassed about concern over your well being. We ALL have times when we freak over something that may be a minor thing in anyone elses life. I hate to think of the things I have conjured up in my lil pea brain since my dx! About the only thing I HAVEN'T worried about is prostate cancer!!

Glad it is all a precautionary check and there is no emergency.

God Bless,


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Prostate cancer--that reminds me of a REALLY funny story.

Imagine this, Brian was in ER with his stomach attack the day my mom got released from Cedars. I am a mess, worried about the world. Brian NEVER got sick since I knew him and the high fever, stomach pain, etc. So they do the CT. 10 minutes later 3 doctors are standing o utside his little area and they are all consulting on a film. We think it HAS to be his and we are strainging our ears..........I suddenly hear the word "uterus" and I said "uterus, Brian, that is not your film" and I was loud enough for everyone to hear me and just stare at me :):):):)

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That reminds me of a funny story too. A few years ago, a coworker, named Tim, anounced that he was going to get a physical, because he was tired an feelng poorly all of the time.. Our psychiatrist where I work had just been diagnosed with cancer and it was found via a blood test called CA125. So, I told Tim to be sure and ask the doctor for this CA125 blood test because he was mid-fourties and should start to check these things. The doctor told Tim that he didn't have to worry about needing that test. Tim said well I want it, because our doctor at work found out she had cancer by having this test. The doctor said, well that test detects ovarian cancer and you have testes Tim, so I wouldn't worry about it. I told Tim that maybe he needed to see a psychiatrist who practices psychotherapy and adheres to the Fruedian Approach to treat his " floating uterus and hysteria!" Tim was not amused. I swore to him I had no idea what this blood test tested for other than cancer? He didn't buy it, and was very embarassed by the whole ordeal!

I laughed till I cried.


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