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Lung Carcinoma Prognostic and Predictive Markers


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Did anyone ever get tested for Lung Carcinoma Prognostic and Predictive Markers? The sent my mom's tumor in and I have the report and I don't like it. It tests for H&E, HER-2/neu, P53, EGFR, Anglogenesis(CD31) and a bunch of other stuff.

All of the positve numbers come along with a note that those tumors are associated with "a shorter disease free survival rate and overall survival rate".

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I am not sure if it is stress or what it is, I just am confused by what was even tested for or why. Like does this make a difference? I mean I would not expect a lung cancer tumor test to say "hey, great tumor, you will be ok" :) I just don't understand teh science behind it. I guess I will find out Wed at the oncologist. But I want to know now :) I am impatient :)

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Okay, Okay, Oaky,

How did you get this report? Is it one they sent to your mom? And why in GOD'S name are they sending that to your mom if they did? That is all highly medical GARBLE JARBLE and totally NOT for laymens terms. I'm sure they need to break it down and have the pathologist break it down as well. And MIGHT I ADD, I AM OR WAS a STAGE IIIA Lung Cancer Survivor of going on (9) Years???? HELLO, Andrea, stick to what you do best, be an ATTORNEY!! :wink::wink::wink: This is all Doctor stuff your asking and I'm not sure anyone here will have your answers either. Maybe you would like to reconsider going back to school to become a Pathologist, or Onc Doc??? You have to STOP looking for TROUBLE!! It might just bite you in the (you know what)! Haven't you EVER HEARD "what you don't know won't hurt you!" :lol::lol::P:P

Settle down my dear, and wait until Wed. Your tooo tooooo funny!!!

Love, Hugs, and Support,


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They give my parents copies of everything and my dad faxes it to me so I can have people at my office look at it. This stuff though was too technical for them. But intially, I knew my mom had lung cancer from the CT before she did :) 80% of my firm does med mal. I don't touch it, it would make me way too crazy. But it has come in handy, through my office I bypassed research and found the top treators :)

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