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A question about sweating


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Hi all,

My brother who is very slim ( too much slim!!) was NEVER a sweater, even in the heat of summer. He now has days that he has to carry a hanky to dry the sweat from his head and brow. He says he is not in pain and doesnt know why he is sweating. His last cat scan was a week ago and all results were great. All his tumors had shrunk and his liver function was better. I am just wondering what is going on inside the body that is causing his sweating. He has finished his radiation to the back a month or so back and has no pain there anymore. It is not like this happens daily but when it does happen it happens all day. He is just sitting in his chair and sweating, so I know it isent caused from exercise or exerting himself. If anyone can give me some possible reasons I would love to know them. Is there anything I can do to help when he is like this?? Thanks all and God Bless you.

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Tell him it is male menopause. :shock: No-I am kidding. I have no idea why, the steriods can make that happen. I myself have had this same problem since I was diagnosed. No reason- no meds causing it just out of nowhere I begin to sweat. It usualy is my head. Have no clue and the Dr does not know why. Good luck!


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When I was on steroids my blood sugar went up over 200. I was dx with type 2 Diabetes several years ago. Sweating was one of my symptoms. Also neuropathy of my feet. Maybe your brother should have his blood sugar checked.

John M

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My husband has the same symptoms with sweating as your brother. I've asked this question on the board, and to our doctor. We were given a number of possible reasons.

We were told that it is possible that one of the medications he is taking can cause sweating because it is interferring with his normal hormonal process. We were also told that because my husband's cancer type is a carcinoid, this type of tumor does uptake certain hormones and secrete others. This can cause hormone imbalances that can cause sweating.

My husband started having this happen around the end of Jan. and it has not let up. It isn't all the time, but there are times where he sweats sitting in a chair, and needs a hand towel close by him. God forbid he exerts himself briefly, then he sweats profusely to the point of needing a couple of changes of clothes. He's not hot, in fact most of the time he is complaining that he is chilled and his skin is cold to the touch. We take his temperature, so we know it isn't his body fighting a low grade fever.

I guess this sounds like it is more common than I thought.

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I was experiencing heavy sweating for no apparent reason for about 2 months. It has dropped off considerable in the past few weeks. Am not taking any medication except for pain. Just like Cindy occurred mostly from the head. My doc thought that is was from

hormone imbalances caused by the tumors.

God Bless,


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