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update on my uncle


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Hello everyone,

and thank you for all your prayers. Here is an update on the situation:

This is as much as I know, since I actually am living in a different country from my uncle at the moment:

Firstly, to "lilyjohn" I appreciate your suggestion about Valley Fever, I have read up on it, and passed the information on to the family. Hoping they will talk to the drs about it today.

My uncle had one lung collapse, and was transferred to ICU, they asked the family's permission to put him on life support should it come to that since he was deteriorating very quickly and they were expecting his other lung to collapse also. He was on oxygen and had a high fever and very labored breathing. A new "lump" has suddenly appeared out of nowhere on his neck, which drs are biopsying (I'm thinking lymph node). Drs are back to the theory that he has lung cancer (even after numerous biopsies showed not). They put a hole in his back with a tube to inflate his lung I think. He is still in critical condtiton in ICU, but a little better and now able to talk. Breathing is still very labored. they have removed the life support machines from his room, which I think is a good sign, at least in the immediate future they must feel he his out of danger. the tissue they removed and biopsied (deep from within the tumor which the dr said would be 100% conclusive and came back negative for cancer), has been "growing" in the lab for 10 days and nothing has "grown" it is totally the same so drs are really baffled.

Now we are again clinging on to the hope that they can keep him stable long enough to determine what he has.

Anyone know what the odds are that after all these negative biopsies he may still have cancer? I just feel that the drs are channeling all their energy into that theory while he gets worse with something else. He has high fevers on and off suggesting he's fighting something off....

sorry this was so long and thanks for your continued prayers

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I have no answer to what he may or may not have but I do have prayers that I will be sending his way. Lymph nodes can and do swell for many reasons besides cancer so we will hope they find the real reason soon and he gets on the road to recovery.

God Bless,


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