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My Parents Are My Friends

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My Mom had a good checkup...she is fine! My parents are far away...I miss them so..:cry: I have a chance to travel on my vacations...To go to some wonderful places ...Now I just need to break the news... Can My parents come?... Have parents will travel!! I want them to have fun too... I find myself saying...My Mom/Dad should see this :) !!!.....I'm serious!!

I miss you Mom and Dad...two weeks can not begin to fill my heart......I love you!!! Live, love and prosper.

Sorry so sappy..:o)

Praying for all who come here for courage and strength to face this battle. You are all in my thoughts daily and prayers. Thanks to Rick and Katie as always.

Bless you my friends,


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I would do whatever you can to be with your parents when the opportunity rises. I went to Hawaii with my parents last year and I was so glad I had the opportunity to enjoy a vacation with them with me as an adult. I cherish that vacation. My mom looked so beautiful with flowers in her hair and her pretty dresses.

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I can relate to being away and how hard that is. My mom and dad will be visiting us this week and I am so looking forward to it. I am hoping that Spring really sets in so that I can show my mom the incredible color etc.

The distance is especially hard after this dx. What scares me is not being able to 'be there' when I am needed or want to ... we are dealing with a lay off situation and that has put unbelievable stress on my husband. Not to mention two young children and their schedules. I just have to leave this one up to God and trust that it will work out.

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So glad to here your mom's scans returned well! She's really defied those timelines that doctors encourage sclc patients with. :D

Hope you find time to take that special vacation with your parents. My mom had a number of places she wanted to go but never went, I think she thought she had more time. Sadly we never got to take that vacation we wanted to :cry:

Again, so glad to hear about your mom's good results!

Take care,


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