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Thanks Tiny


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Thanks Tiny for your help. When I came home yesterday and got the mail and saw your donation I had a smile on my face all night. Its nice to see that there are people who want to actually do something to fight this cancer not just complane about it. Out of 1000 members on this site, so far your the only one. I myself will be donating $1000 for LUNG cancer research.

Thank You and God Bless!!!

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Guest Karen C

Ray - as we speak, our check is in the mail to you. OK, I wrote the check this morning, printed the envelope, and it will be in the mail as soon as I put a stamp on it.

It's not much, but every little bit helps, and we're designating our donation directly to the lung cancer research program.

God Bless,

Karen C.

p.s. best of luck on your walk!

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I have been waiting for payday (Whew!! :roll: ) to send in my donation, but the day is finally approaching! You will also be receiving a donation from my mother, so if you get a check from a mysterious "Barbara", you will know who she is!

I also wanted to remind you that I am still planning my local LC Benefit Walk in November and I hope I can't count on you doing a quick lap at that event as well!

Best of luck with the fundraising, may your mailbox be graced with overflowing checks!!!


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Ok I have evidently lost what is left of my mind. I looked back at your original post and there is no address to send the money to. It says, "send to address below" and there's no address. So Ray, will you post it again or PM it to me? I promise not to stalk you. :wink:

We have made several donations to the ACS so we will also give to the U of Pa. also. Good luck with your efforts.


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Thanks Karen your right what ever you can give would be a blessing. Heather I already knew you were going to donate.

Ry, here is the letter below. Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart.

Dear Friends,

As you may all know on July 5 2002 I was diagnosed with N.S.C.L.C. (non small cell lung cancer) Adino Carcinoma. Last year I participated in a fund raiser called "RELAY FOR LIFE a team event to fight cancer."

With your help I was able to raise $1200.00. I am again asking for your support and help to raise money for this event that will be held May 7 2004. The American Cancer Society will sponsor this event. As a cancer survivor, (2 years in July) I will also be proudly walking a victory lap. I am asking if anyone would like to give a donation to this cause. Any amount would be appreciated. This year I will be donating the money to two organizations. Donations will be made to the Lung Cancer Research at the University of Pennsylvania and donations will be made to the American Cancer Society.

If you want to write a check please make it out to "American Cancer Society" or if you want your money to go to Univ of Penn then make it out to “Trustees, Univ of Pennsylvania” (Memo:) “Support Lung Cancer Research” and turn them in to me or mail it to the address below. I need all donations to be turned in by May 6 2004.

Thank you,

send check to....

Raymond L. Alleva

104 Passaic Ave

Voorhees, NJ 08043

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