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glowing in the dark from radiation

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Perhaps this can shed some insight into my warped humor.

My adorable mom started radiation on Monday. The drs say she is tricky b/c no matter how crappy she feels, she puts on makeup and lipstick to go in, so they always have to ask her :) Well my dad and I convinced her that she will glow in the dark from radiation :lol: At first she did not believe it, but I convinced her :lol: Then my dad said he would have to sleep in other room because she would be glowing so much :twisted: heehehehe.

So last night he snuck a flashlight into bed and shined it on her so she would think she was glowing. She finally realized it was all a con :shock: So gullible :)

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When my mom was doing radiation, the actual "fry time" was so long, mom asked the radiologist how they would know if it was too much (she was kind of kidding with him). He deadpanned back "If the little blue tube pops up, it's too much" :shock: . Mom and I both had Perdue Chicken flashbacks.

Sometimes ya just gotta laugh.

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