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Unexpected kindness


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I e-mailed my Relay for Life flyer around the office seeking donations. You'd think attorneys could spare a bit for charity. I only sent it yest though, so we'll see. The firm is sponsoring the registration fee.

Anyway, I just just touched and realized that there are good kind people in this world. A secretary who I am not very close with (meaning I like her, she always asks about my mom, but I don't work with her so I don't interact with her enough to have invited her to my wedding) gave me a $50 donation!!!!!!!!!! I told her it was too generous. She has two teenage kids. I know she makes bubcus. But no, she wanted to. She said she really appreciated what we are doing in the fight for cancer and it was just something she wanted to do.

It brought tears to my eyes. What a special lady!

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You know what touched me? Is getting a donation from you and Brian, Andrea, and then a separate one from your parents. How thoughtful! I'll offer it back and I'll send my check this week.

I've already received $240 in 5 days!! I'm so excited!

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Thanks for the offer Nat, but I did not ask you, hence you cannot offer and it will not be accepted back. There is no acceptance on my part which is needed. My mommy said so too. You need an offer, consideration, and an acceptance, that is Contracts 101.

So henceforth, I am doing well fundraising here, please donate either for your team or an even better idea, which is selfish, take what you would send to me and get yourself a manicure/pedicure. I just read in SELF magazine that doing so can lengthen your life. NO KIDDING! You need to pamper yourself my friend. You are too good.

And many many many thanks to you for inspiring me to do the Relay for Life :)

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