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SCLC brain radiation


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First time I have posted, but I have been reading the boards since January when my husband was diagnosed with sclc. After 4 chemos, they could not find the tumor on an Xray, so did a catscan. Found residual cells in the lung, and the tumor of the adrenal gland had decreased by about 90%. So 4 more chemos (number 3 this week), then we will have to make a decision about brain radiation. I've read most the postings here and it sounds like a lot of people struggle with this one. Just thought I would go ahead and introduce myself in case I need to post a frantic message in the future:) I have seen many upbeat people and many survivors here and that's very encouraging. Just surfing the web and reading statistics is way too scary. Thanks to you

all and God bless every single one of you.


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First off fill in some info on you and your hubby in the profile section so we know a little more. 8) I am one of those who choose not to do the PCI-there are several who choose to have it done. We all have our reasons for and against it. Your hu7bby sounds like me-my cancer had started in the L lung and spread, one of the locations was to the R adrenal. The cancer in the adrenal has never grown back since the first go around with the chemo. :D What chenos is he using?

Please come back often, there are alot here in your shoes.

Love Cindy

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Thank you for the warm words. It is a roller coaster, isn't it? I attached a signature with the info (I think). Chemo is called the Vanderbilt protocol and supposed to be one of the latest treatments. Cistplait, Camptosaur & Mannitol - not sure about the spelling on any of them. Determined to beat


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Welcome to the family. I was just down your way a couple of weeks ago. My brothers live in Hot Springs so I go through Little Rock to get there.

Sounds like they are being aggresive in treatment with a combination of drugs. That should be a good thing.

Prayers for stability or remission are headed that way.

God Bless,


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Hi, MJB.

Aggressive onc's are wonderful. Everyone deserves the chance to fight with all they've got.

You probably won't be faced with the PCI question until all chemo and other radiation is done. Radiation to the lung and adrenal may be done with chemo, and probably SHOULD be done at the same time if the dr. feels it's in the plans. Extensive sclc does not always get radiation, but with only 2 sites, it may be possible.

Best wishes for you and your husband. Please visit often.

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