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Liver mets question

Guest tammykon

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Guest tammykon

Mom has lung cancer stage 3b and doing pretty good on the Iressa but also has liver mets well they think. They are not sure if the mets are on her liver or the adrenal gland whatever that is :lol: anyway she is having bad back pain and they think that is what is causing it because it is low and right in the area of the liver. She is going to go she the Radiologist to see if he can give her a few treatments and get rid of the mets I am just wondering if anyone has also had liver mets and what was the treatment.



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Dear Tammy,

I am not sure how many mets your mom has to the liver, but check into Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA). My mom's oncologist told us that my mom wasn't a candidate because she has far too many lesions. But I think she said that will do it if there are 5 or less lesions. Also, not sure what your mom's chemo treatments have been, but they will use this also to treat them. Best wishes.

Andrea B.

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I have mets to my liver and right now I am getting chemo for them. Carbo (every 3rd week) / Taxol (every week). Liver has shrunk since start of treatment and will have a CT scan in 3 weeks to see where we go from here.

Prayers and Best wishes sent your way,

God Bless,


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