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Dear friends

I would like to update you all about my dad's status. Today morning we met the chief neurosurgeon, originally he wanted to do one more surgery this morning, mainly for sterilizing the infected wound since antiobiotics could not reach those drainage water inside the brain and the dead cells of the brain that affecting the progress of recovery from infection.

But this morning after looked at last night CT scan, he doesn't suggest to do the surgery. Because brain tumor relapses again and the area of mets are becoming widespread at different site at the right side as well as seems moving toward the left side. In addition, it is very risky to open his skull again as the wound cannot be stitched up this time because of the harden skin of the wound and the tumor seems to grow outwardly and now sticking to the skin of the wound. He commented that why dad is recovering from infection in such a slow pace because the brain tumor is one of the facts. He said my dad's brain tumor is extremely aggressive because normally patients will have the relapse around 6 months after surgery.

So, anti-biotics will be given for 5 more days. Neurosurgeon said that the bacteria may spread to other part of the body while the course of anti-biotics finished that will kill him OR the brain tumors will kill him very soon. We are just waiting to see that happen and have nothing to do even the doctors. :(:(

My dad is declining very fast and now his left side of the body cannot really move, his speech is not really clear. I am so upset and I just think why the brain tumors are so aggressive :?: . My dad still doesn't know the fact and current situation, he has the fighting spirit to fight the infection and I am just afraid to let him know the fact.

He is very brave and wonderful. He is doing so well fo the past one year. Now only miracle can change the current situation. :cry:

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I am so sick for you and your dad that things have taken yet another unexpected turn. Please know that we are still all praying for him. You and he have been so brave through your ordeal and I pray God's peace and healing hand to touch and comfort both of you.

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Sweet Girl,

You are such a loving daughter and you know that miracles do happen. I pray for you all to have the strength required during this very difficult time. Turn this over to God and just be with your Dad.

Blessings, Comfort and Peace,


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Berisa, I feel your pain and I wish I could help you through this but you are there and I am here. I can pray real hard for your father and hope that will help. Just be with him as much as you can now. He knows he can rely on you and that is much comfort to him at this time.

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Guest Phyllis

I am soo sorry you and your dad have to go through all of this. I will be thinking of you and hoping that things turn around for the better.

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