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Dear Ray,

Hope your scans are all clear....will keep you in my thoughts until you post Friday night. Let us all know.....and yes it is a beautiful day....and we are here......and we are here.....(borrowed that from Gail....but I am greatful).



aka Nushka

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EIGHT TIMES!! I see you've been at this for almost two years - WOW! To me, that doesn't s*ck, that SINGS!!!!! :P It's music to my ears to see that you have had lung cancer, brain mets, and all the other stuff, and you're even in remission. Do you have any idea how encouraging that is to me? I do know the anticipation really does s*ck, and the procedures and inconvenience aren't much fun either, so please don't take my message wrong. All I can say to you is that I'm sending up a HUGE prayer for you that you continue to see the great progress you've seen so far! God be with you!


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Guest bessb


Praying for clean scans for you for the eighth time! Come on Ray you have to make it to nine lives! You've been through a lot but you just keep on coming through Hang in there Buddy

Bess B

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EIGHT is a GREAT NUMBER, I have survived lung cancer for (8) EIGHT + Years, and by golly my prayer plan for you is to do the same thing my brother! And here I am headed to (9) NINE!!! :o:o

When you get to your (8TH) year, do you know what then? The CT's and MRI's will STILL SUCK! GO FIGURE! :roll::roll: But, like Gail said, "We're here, we're breathing, we're here, and, and, and,"

Saying Loud and Clear Prayers for you my brother.

Love, Hugs, & Support,


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Guest Karen C

Ray, I have all the confidence in the world that your scans will be just fine.

Keep us posted!

After a few more clean scans, you'll start looking forward to them!


Karen C.

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