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Taking a mini vacation....


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Hi. Well we saw the oncologist today. Nothing new. My mom will be re-scanned mid June, 30 days after radiation ends. Then she will hopefully be placed on a clinical trial which is an injection once a month for two years. Oncologist said right now we are NED, but ED loves to visit during the first two years :twisted: , so this is the tense wait and see part. There will be lots of ups and downs like the unexplained dizziness last week and I have to learn to deal with it, it's life as they say! 8)

With that said, my inlaws, my parents, my husband and my secretary joined forces and demanded that I be taken away. Why I asked, do I seem stressed? :? I engaged in negotations and agreed only if I was allowed to call my mom twice a day. The deal was sealed. :D So while my parents personally think a straight jacket would be the best way to take me away b/c of mental state right now, alas I will be taken away in just blue jeans and will return Sunday ;)

It will just be me, Brian and myinlaws. We are going to Sam Simeon (Hearst Castle) and maybe Santa Barbara or Solvang. A few places in that area, I forgot what they finally decided on :) I am new to CA and have not seen those areas yet :)

Hopefully it will do me good to be away from the internet. I had a moment today :shock: I reflect back now that I must have sounded like a freak. I was interviewing a potential paralegal for my team. She asked me to describe the atmosphere. I said "Well my mom has lung cancer, so I get depressed. We all work together as a team and love each other. I get a daily kiss on the head and hug from Darlene (my secretar). And we like to play and joke and laugh. Sure, things get stressful here, but when all is said and done, while I was anxiously awaiting for the surgeon to reappear at my mom's surgery, it was Darlene and the former paralegal who I called and cried to, and you can't beat that." She didn't say too much.

To me it all sounded rational, that is the environment. But then when I rehashed what I said I realized that I just told a stranger that I get kisses on the head and daily hugs. I probably should have just saved that part for them to see b/c it really does sound bizarre :oops:

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GO, ENJOY, HAVE FUN, TAKE A BREAK, LAUGH, GIGGLE, FOOL AROUND (with Brian) and leave the cancer behind! I'll bet even MOM would like you to do that!!

Have a great time my dear. You have earned it! So have the rest of your family. :P:P:P (kidding)! tee hee tee hee!

I have to say this though, You'll be missed right here!


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You sound really happy in your post. I love it. I wish you the best time ever and we'll hear you when you get back. Your mom is a survivor and you are such a great daughter and she is soooooo proud of you. 8) You deserve a break, so just kick back and enjoy. I love your new picture, very handsome couple there and look very happy. Look forward to hearing from you when you return... :D

Blessings and prayers for mom and your family,


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