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rapid deterioration? Is this common?


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I haven't posted for awhile, but i was wondering how common it is to have rapid deterioration? Last week my father was feeling a little bit weaker, but over this past weekend, he has really gotten weaker and very fatigued. Before he could mow the lawn and now he gets tired just walking in the house. We saw the MD on Friday, and then he had a hard time sleeping on Saturday nite and Sunday nite. We saw the MD on Tuesday and started chemo today. Before we went to the chemo treatment today, he got very short of breath just walking to my car (last week he was walking around the park). And he had to rest several times to get to the MD office after I dropped him off in the front. His saturation was only 80 % on room air - we had never had it tested before and even on O2 it only went up to 88%. They delivered o2 to him tonight and also a wheelchair. We are just very surprised that he could get so weak so fast after being basically symptom free. Is this very common? At least the Md ordered some cough medicine (tessalon) and a sleeping pill (Ativan) and he was able to sleep well last night. We chose to go with a lower dose Carboplatin/Taxotere but to have it weakly - hoping to lessen the side effects since he is 81 yrs old. Please pray for my dad and thanks in advance for any words of wisdom. shirley

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According to my hospice nurse this kind of thing IS very common. Cancer patients can go quite a while with little or no change then suddenly "drop off the edge" and get sicker very quickly.

But she also said that's not any reason to loose hope if the patient is recieving treatment. Succesful treatment could turn the whole process around and your Dad will then start to feel better. Being on oxygen and the Tesslon Perls has worked very well for me in keeping my symptoms and my energy level stable.

Sending prayer that the chemo does the trick and your Dad is back up and walking in the park soon.


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Yes it is very common. I have heard a few stories from about relatives where it came on all of a sudden. Like everyone said there always is a chance for a change

You could ask the doctor about celebrex. It is sometimes given with low-dose chemo.

Hopefully your father turns around fast.

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The only thing I can add Shirley is remember your dad's age. Treatment is hard enough on individuals much younger, he is going to have a harder time due to his age.

My mother is slightly older than your dad and had lots of energy and was very active. She recently broke her shoulder and had to have a replacement done and I am amazed at how rapidly she had declined from that. For the first time I see her as old.

Hang in there,


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