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Taking a stand


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I feel like I took some sort of a stand today at my work place regarding non-smoker's rights to breath clean air!

I work for a large law firm in Philadelphia, and the building has always had a policy that you could smoke outside the "20th street entrance", but not the main "19th street entrance". Since my diagnoses, I am more aware of the fact that this policy is not exactly enforced. I generally have to dodge a smoker or two each day as I enter or leave the main entrance.

However, this morning, I turned the corner towards our entrance and walked headfirst into an enormous cloud of blue/gray pipe smoke....that was the last straw!

I sent an e-mail to our office's building liason and told her the situation....specifically stating that I had fought too hard in chemotherapy to be subjected to second-hand smoke every time I entered or left our building. She agreed wholeheartedly and contacted building management.

They are now going to begin enforcing the policy, but did let her know that the majority of the offenders are employees of our firm....which has now prompted a firm-wide e-mail reminding them of the ban on smoking at the main entrance, and advising them that this policy will now be stricktly enforced.

I feel like it is a small victory in some ways, but the larger victory is that I actually voiced my opinion and was HEARD!!! :D

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Thanks for complaining! I read here about people having to pass smokers on the way into hospitals . The hospital where I work has a policy that smoking is only allowed in your car or in a small "shed" in the back parking lot. However they have ash trays near the front and rear doors. I suppose in hopes that people will put out their cigarettes when they read the no smoking signs. But alas they figure its an invitation. Hank, the guy who works a lot at the front desk has been told not to hastle the visitors unless they get too close to the door. If people complained, who were non smokers, to administration I bet they would see it as a problem, but for now they are worrying about the smokers getting mad at us . Weird , Right? We are a hospital. Donna G

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Good for you Hebbie. I am so sick of sitting in non-smoking areas of restaurants and getting smoke anyway. The hospital we've been frequenting lately :roll: has people smoking out front and everytime I go through it I say I'm going to write a letter. The sign says "no smoking in this area" and they are all there smoking!

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Way to go, Heather!

Our company has a "no smoking on grounds" policy but has ashtrays outside the fence (still on property) for the smokers to use - the kicker? The ashtrays are "stationed" at the mangates people use to access the plant. No smoking on grounds policy yet there's STILL the smoke cloud and stench as you walk in...

As for restaurants, were you not aware that there is a miraculous force field in effect that keeps the smoke in the smoking section so it doesn't waft over the non-smoking tables? I find it ironic that when asked to be seated "as far from smoking as possible" (hubby's normal request) I end up at a table that is on the other side of the half wall dividing smoking from non-smoking....Thus, I have decided upon the force field theory - sure wish they'd use a solid force field instead of the mesh one that lets some of the smoke cross...

Take care,


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The local Walmart allows smoking outside the entrances and every time I enter the store I have to go through a cloud of smoke. My wife, who works there, says don't bother to complain because management does not want to upset the customers. "Hello", just who am I, an employee's spouse, or a customer. I buy things there too. I will not give up, the manager is a friend of mine, and I will continue to request that the smoking area be moved away from the entrances.

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Good for you!!!

I have to admit that I love my hometown of New York City a whole lot more now that there is a city-wide ban on smoking in resturants and bars. Yes--a lot of New Yorkers have been complaining (I am not one of them) and yes, I still have to hold my breath as I enter or leave a popular venue just to get through the hoard of smokers huddled outside the entrance--but it is still a VAST improvement!!! (Especially for those who work in those establishments!)

And I was a huge fan of this new policy LONG before my MIL's dx.

We just need more Heathers out there...


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