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Has anyone obtained second opinions from MD Anderson?


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Hi, has anyone obtained second opinion from MD Anderson in Houston, TX? Can you recommend oncologists/radiologists who specialize in NSCLA? My dad’s CT shows small nodules in both lungs with max diameter of 2mm. We need second opinion to determine if these are cancerous. The two primary tumors are in his right lung. I would like to know:

1. What kind of information do I need to provide other than the CT and PET scan?

2. How do they do it? Is it better for me to make a trip to meet the doctors? I live in Dallas.

3. How long does it take to get their opinion back once they receive the info they need? I need this done quick,quick, quick.

4. Do they only provide diagnosis such as staging, or do they also recommend treatment plans?

5. What’s the cost?

Thanks in advance!!!

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I'm not sure if I can help you but I'll try. My sister had extensive small cell. She was diagnosed in Scotland, but went to MD Anderson for a second opinion because she'd heard it was the best place in the world, and remained there for treatment. Her main doctor was Dr. Jonathan Curie. MD Anderson retested everything even though they had her tests and scans from Scotland, and they did even more tests and scans than were done in Scotland. They weren't especially quick. She qualified for some experimental treatments that weren't available anywhere else. Scotland could offer conventional treatment, and her doctors there offered to duplicate the standard recommended program from MD Anderson, but couldn't do the experimental program. I'm not sure of the cost, but I'm sure it was expensive. They were very thorough. Lots of tests, special treatments, the works so to speak. They put a team of doctors on her case so she didn't see Dr. J. Curie all that often.

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