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Missing people? Worry wart here!


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Well I guess I am a worrier but I have been looking for a few people and see they have not posted recently and that bothers me.

Has anyone heard from AnnieMac? I think she posted once after Tim died and then no more from her. I would like to know how she is doing.

Now what about Betina? Last time she posted she sounded so down it really scared me. :!:

Then there is the young man taking care of his dad Adam I think his name is? I know there are more but these are on the top of my head right now.

While we are at it anyone got an update on Karen or DavidA?

Please someone say you have heard something about Bobmac! :!::!:

I do want to say welcome back Tbone. I hope you can enjoy a big shrimp boil or barbcue or one of those big family meals to put some meat on your bones and grit back in your spirit. Keep us posted and hope you feel better everyday! :cry:

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There was a recent update on Karen. Apparently she successfully completed surgery and her met is being sent off for the GVax vaccine. She was said to have regained her appetite and to be doing well. The post, I believe was from Norme.

I spoke with David A last night. He is still in the Hospital. He is on antibiotics but feels he may be improving even though they are not certain as to the specific cause of the problem.

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Lillian, hey, I'm doing OK...most of the time. I sure do have some tough times and miss Tim more now than I did when he first passed. As you know, it takes a while to realize that it's really forever (at least until we join them). I'm working some and resting some and checking the boards when I'm strong enough. I think things are going fine and then I read about Becky and Judy B and others who are not doing well and it just breaks my heart and I sit and cry for an hour. I think we need a lot more good news!!

I'm still staying with my brother and sister-in-law and that's a great comfort to me to have family and not be alone. I'm still around and keeping up on everyone.

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Thank you Annie for letting us know. I do understand. Until you have been there no one can understand how you can feel so empty and still hurt so much. I too take all of the bad news to heart and have to take breaks once in a while. Seems like each new pain makes me start hurting all over again. Take care and know you are in my thoughts. Lillian

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