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Sad in Copenhagen


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hello all, I only have a few minutes, but I want you to know I am reading posts and I am here.

I arrived yesterday and after breaking down on the airplane and crying int he loo for almost an hour I felt a little better, but today has been really hard as I miss Mom so much and can't tell her about anything that is happening to me here. I feel this huge void and it sucks!! My heart actually hurts and I can't stop it.

I start work on Tuesday and so I feel that I will have more days like this. I miss her soooo much!!!

I hate cancer!!!


hugs to all, Stephanie

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I understand, and it does suck. The worst times for me are when Katie does something funny and I think, I can't wait to tell Becky, then realize that I can't, at least not in the conventional sense. Then I cry, and laugh, cause it is our daughter doing something funny that got it all started.


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Hold on here folks! Who says you can't tell them???? I still "talk" to my Mom and Dad all the time and they have been gone over 10 years. Now I am not suggesting that you walk around talking to invisible people but I am suggesting that you have a time each day where you go over what you want to talk to them about. They are still with you and always will be so why not talk to them? Just how I feel about it but it helps sometimes to just dump all of lifes problems at THEIR feet and then move on to the living that WE have to do!

Gods Blessing on you all,


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Hi Stephanie,

I'm new here but have been following your posts. I'm so sorry about your loss. :cry: I lost my mom 5 years ago and now my dad is struggling on a ventilator and probably doesn't have much time left. It's just so hard - there's no getting around it. It does get better - the time it takes is different for everyone. I can now laugh about some of the stuff my mom did, but still struggle a little every Mother's Day. My dad (age 76) likes to tell me about his "honey" friends that fuss over him (these are friends he has at the local American Legion (women 30 years younger than him that I know just love him to pieces for who he is because he sure doesn't have any money they could be after). When he starts in with some hooey dooey about one of them kissing him on the cheek or something, I love to tell him: "If Mom was here, she was said you were full of . . . (well, you know the rest)." :lol:

May God's blessing of comfort be on you forever, Stephanie!


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Actually, Stephanie, you CAN write your mom and tell her all about your trip. You will actually feel the sharing as you write. I lost both my parents when I was in my early 20's. When I started having kids of my own, I became sad and, with a friend's help, realized I was sad because I couldn't share my kids with theml My wise friend told me to write a letter to them and tell them all about my kids. It worked! I actually could feel the sharing, and it helped me get through the pain. Try to enjoy your time in Denmark. Don

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Hi Hon!

I was just going to send out the troops to look for you! :wink: I remembered you said you would arrive yesterday. Sorry, I'm not really that good about waiting! I'm sure your getting settled in.

Oh Steph, I wish I could make your pain go away, but I can only offer an ear or a cyber hug (((((((STEPHANIE))))))). I would like to think that mom is right their with you every step of the way. But, it still hurts, I know!

Gald to hear you made it safe and sound. Drop a line when your settled in. And by all means, we would LOVE to hear about your new job and all the goings on with you. We're FAR from being your wonderful mom, but we're the next best thing to family. ((((((STEPH))))))

Love & Hugs,


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I just want to add to what some of the others have said. Talk to your mom. She hears. I go sometimes days without seeing anyone but I always know that my Johnny is near and I can tell him anything. So I talk to him and at times write to him. It helps get me through some of the hardest times. No it won't take the place of you mom being with you physically but it does help.

I pray for you and Curtis and all of us to find peace as my Johnny would say "just a little at a time". Bless you and keep you safe in your new home.

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Hi Steph,

Sorry for the late post, I'm trying to catch up. I have been in the hospital. I'm doing really great. I am so happy you are settling in and your trip was safe. I know it is hard to loose a parent. I too lost mom and dad. It's not the same, but you have a lot of serrogate moms here, so latch onto a few of us. 8) We are here for you and would love to hear about your experiences in Denmark. Your job, new friends, food or just anything you feel in your heart you want to talk about. We are only a (CYBER) click away... Keep us posted. We love you, prayers and huge hugs...

God Bless,

Karen in So. California

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