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Dad in ER - What happened?

S. Jane

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My Dad woke up this morning unable to breathe! It is a surprise! He has completed the chemo/radiation treatment and was waiting another week before he had to undergo all the tests to see if he was in remission from limited stage SCLC. The doctors ruled out blood clot and fluid in lungs, they took a CAT scan, EKG and vials of blood (even from an artery in his wrist). They gave him oxygen, and nebulizer and worked on him so now he is at home and comfortable. He will talk with the doctor about results on Monday. What happened? Is there a possibility that the cancer is still there and it would cause him being unable to breathe? Has anyone had this problem? He is scared, and I need to be prepared and understand. It was a very big surprise for us...we were all hoping things were going to be peaceful for a while. Thanks for any insights.



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Jane -

Immediately at the end of my treatments, I landed in the hospital, with extreme pain in my chest and couldn't breathe. Ended up being SEVERE esophigitist (burnt esophagus from the radiation), coupled with a yeast infection in my upper GI (from the chemo lowering resistance and altering my body levels). I was in the hospital for a whole week. And I've been in remission for over a year since then.

So, sit tight, see what the docs say - it could be anything. Could even be as a result of the scar tissue hardening.....you just never know.

Keep us posted,

Hugs and prayers,


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Guess I'm jumpy. My mother is too. Actually, my Dad admitted to my Mom, he is now afraid they didn't get rid of the cancer. He had been pretty upbeat these last couple of weeks. It is good to know there could be other causes. Really, this disease is hell, it is so nasty and aggressive. My Aunt died of it last year, and my Dad was there to help her during her last two weeks. That scares him, and his problem of yesterday reminded him of my Aunt. My mom did say she had a bit of a cold, but didn't think she got near my Dad so he would get it (???? they DO live together!). So I'll just take a deep breath and wait to hear what the doctor says. Thanks for the support. We really pray for a remission so Dad can do some of the things he has planned (perhaps a move, definately a visit to Washington D.C. to see the dedication of the WWII Memorial). We are so helpless while he is sick.

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