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My husband Bill has developed a shaking in his right leg that resembles palsy. I'm concerned that it is connected to his brain tumor even though the stereotactic radiosurgery was successful in reducing the tumor significantly. He is also on Zometa for his bone mets. One of the side effects of Zometa is anxiety. Bill thinks that is why his leg is shaking - nervous energy. I'm inclined to believe it is related to the brain tumor since his leg shakes even when he is relaxed reading a newspaper. Does anyone have insight to share? Could this be more brain mets?


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Hi Peg...Its strange that you ask that...My dads leg hasnt been shaking but it kind of flops when he walks, he doesnt walk much these days but when he does that happens, although nothing happens when he's sitting..He has no mets as of a month ago...

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