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My epileptic mom dx NSCLC

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Guest Conway

My mom age 58 has just been diagnosed with stage IIIB NSCLC. It began as a 4cm tumor in her lung and has spread to her adrenal gland and surrounding lymph nodes. It has been hard to accept because she is not sick and is still working. She is trying to decide which path to take with the disease: chemo or non-chemo. We will be meeting with the oncologist in a few days to discuss this. Our main concern is her epilepsy. Does anyone know of someone with epilepsy that has gone through chemo?

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I haven't known anyone like your mom going thru chemo, but I wanted to welcome you to our boards. Your mom will be in our prayers and I hope you stay with us for information and support and just a place to come to vent sometimes. Keep us updated, we really do care here

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