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We had been living in California for several years when we paid a visit to my in-laws in Louisiana. They had several cows that they milked every day. My children had never been around farm animals and were facinated by the whole process.

One day we decided that we would all go to the zoo. We came across an area that had one very large bull with (get this Becky) very large testicles. My 8 year old son pointed and called out to his grandpa for everyone around to hear "Grandpa look what big milkers that ones got".

Needless to say I wanted to crawl under the ground. :oops:

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Aren't kids grand?? Here's another good one........While on a trip, my oldest daughter, who was three years old at the time and trying to use big words, was listening while my husband and I were discussing the fact that we were lost. We decided to stop in a small country store to see if we were going the right way. While waitng in line to talk to the cashier, my daughter says(really loud), "Are we getting erections here?" :oops::oops::oops: Oh my goodness!!! What she was trying to say was "Are we getting DIRECTIONS here?" She left the first letter off of the word. Don't think we didn't have a few heads turn our way. To make matters worse, the hubby got so tickled that he just went to the car and left me to get the "erections"!! :lol::oops::lol:


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Ok. Here's my best kid story. My sister (a red head) and her little girl (my niece and also a cute little redhead) was about 6 years old. They were at the grocery store and as my sister was writing a check for the groceries, my niece pipes up and says, "Mommy, I thought you said we didn't have any money in the checking account!" My sisters face quickly matched her hair color.


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This is a good one for Easter. We used to buy and extra two bags of candy for Easter. When the grandchildren would come to visit if they were occupied outside for a while "The Easter Bunny" would go through the house and leave candy in conspicuas places then one of the adults would stomp their feet real loud and hollare "get out of here you darn peasky rabbit". The children would run in and find the candy and always thought that was a part of Easter.

One day when my grandson was about 4 he called me to go into the bathroom with him. When I asked why he needed me with him he said because he was afraid of the Easter Rabbit. I reminded him that he had not been afraid of the rabbit at the mall and had even sat on his lap. His reply was "I'm not afraid of that rabbit it's the little one that I can't see that I'm scared of."

I noticed that the shower curtain was pulled back a little so I asked him how he knew that the rabbit wasn't in the shower. He answered "because I already looked."

:!: Kids can make you laugh so much. I could write a book about some of the things that happened over the years with my children and grandchildren. Some day I might just do that! :!:

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