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Calling All Michiganders


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and maybe Norme and Debi too....

Just a little advance notice that DavidA and I are planning a get together for all the Michigan crew this summer. Think it will be warm by late July????

I am hosting since I seem to be centrally located. We will post a date once we have it. Should be fun to meet everyone in person.


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So, this would be a gaggle of Michi-GANDERS? Sorry, I just couldn't help myself.

And what are you going to do, Ms.Ry, if more than Norme and OKie-Debi decide that they want to be honorary Michiganders? It could end up being a great honking mess! Or clucking, if there are other closet chickenites out there besides OKie-Debi and me.

I feel a summertime migration coming on.....

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Count us northerners in! We could fill a kiddie pool with pudding, put Jell-O on a slip-n-slide....

Sounds like fun, weekend time so I don't have to find vacation time? If not, I'll find vacation time... (Second weekend in July is out for me, big family reunion)

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Well it doesn't appear to be as inviting as Mo's Festival, but maybe I will go...it appears that I have become WAY too friendly with the Michiganites.

:lol::lol: Like I couldn't hook up with people in Hawaii or something.

How great it would be Fay if you could make it too! We could bring Ry chickens!

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I am ready, what town did you say? Does I-75 go through it? If not, will have to get out the ol map or just put the car in drive and head north, - - it is north isn't it....lol....

Fay, you can come camp out at my house with Debi and me and the three of us plus Debi's little one will head for Michigan together.

I am going to go look at the map now so I am ready when the day comes. What town??????I'll pay for the tent, ya all come......bring blankets, its cold at night in a tent in Michigan.....

I will leave the whole month opened. I will leave my door opened for the half way point to rest for the journey north.

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Ok Norme, we are located right off of US 23, exit # 80 in Fenton. Very easy to find.

Debi, you bring chickens and you're throwing them on the grill :roll:

Cindy, we're not too far from you, seems I've been told it's about 4-5 hours but you can check on Mapquest.

Hope you can all make it.

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Ok, guys,

Who's going to pick me up at the airport and do I have to sleep on the lake with the ducks and geese? I will be there. Just give me the date. I want you to know, I have not flown in 10 years, but for all of you, I am so there. I wouldn't miss this for nothing. What can I bring and I'll be trying to recruit many from out here to go. Fay, pack those bags girl, we're headed to the airport, oxygen bottles and all. Yahoo, we're rollin, rollin, rollin. Keep those doggies rollin, RAWHIDE!!!! Bring it on. Party time at Ry and John's I can't wait. I'm soo excited, I just can't hide it... :D

Blessings and hugs to all,


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