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Purrrrrrrr Therapy

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This is for all the cat lovers we have. I was visiting with my niece and she was telling me about an older lady she knows in Arkansas who said when she had an ache or pain to hold a cat on the area and get them to purr for as long as possible. Said it helped ease the pain. I tried it tonight with my big tom and a sore ankle and I swear it seemed to help, lol. Now I am sure it is mostly a mental thing but then again, lots of pain therapy IS mental. I know this sounds silly and probably is but if nothing else you spend some quality time with your cat, lol.

God Bless,


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Not only cats, dogs also help, when I was in pain

my 2 dogs always curled with me and kept me company,

I used to call them my furry nurses and they did the same

with my husband.

They are so near us that they know when we are happy or if

we are hurting.


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The Pennsylvania Dutch say that a cat absorbs rheumatism if it sits on your sore joints. I think because their body temperature is about 2 degrees above ours. But also because their presence alone is comforting. Anyone who says cats are independent and aloof doesn't know cats. Mine take good care of me, too, as yours do. Ditto dogs.

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My cat lays next to Rob in bed when he's in a lot of pain from the bone mets. She lays right next to the rib that hurts and she purrs! :D He used to think he would never get attached to a cat. He's since changed his mind. I told him that PeeWee (my 12 yr old female cat) knew he was hurting and she was trying to comfort him. He believes it now! She also butts us with her head when she wants a kiss. I kiss her head and she just keeps purring. She is a very special cat, and she even keeps him company when I have to go out. He's turned into a cat lover now 8)


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I have 2 cats - a 15-lb. lap cat named Oliver and a 12-lb. yowling mouser named Kelley. Ollie was hand-reared, so believes people are all things good and wonderful. He's got enough persian in him to make his coat really full and soft, although it's short. When he was a little smaller, he used to drape himself over my shoulders like a living fur. He'd lay anywhere you put him, so he'd be a great therapy cat.

Our 60-lb. dog, Mikey, is too angular and squirmy to be terribly comforting on our laps - although he's usually there anyway. And Kelley always kneads :shock: .

Any diseases which are prevented by exposure to pet hair will never arise in this family!

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Thank you for sharing your stories. I love kitty's. I have only had one and he passed unexpectedly about two months ago. He was only 9. Vet said he could have had LC, he had a bad cough for about a week and was on antibiotics. X-rays showed fluid or spot in between lungs. He was quite the little lover. God blessed me now with a little long hair white and pale orange stray who just happened into my back yard. He is soooo loving and I have my patio all set up for him. I can even pick him up and give him kisses and loving and he just purrs like crazy. He even saunters into the house and looks around and when I tell him he has to leave he listens and walks right back outside. So, I've named him Calle... He makes me happy. :D



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Our family cat, whom I inherited because my mom is sick, guards me when I am upset and/or sick.

She puts her own "needs" ("I want to be fed!", "I want to be petted!", "I want to be played with!", "I want to watch birds out the window!") on hold--and just makes sure she is right next to me in "guard" pose (and gives me a kiss or a loving nudge with her head every now and then if I look in her direction).

She is also one of the best stress releases Geoff has--they play and play together. They are absolutely adorable (and neither one of them thinks about cancer when they are consumed in "playtime"!).


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