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Can radiation be done a second time to a different "spo

gail p-m

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I believe I've heard that they can only due radiation once.??? My father had chemo but that did very little for him -- just left him with neuropathy. After that, he had 35 radiation treatments. Radiation really seemed to get rid of most of the "spots" and he tolerated it very well. However, when they did a recent PET, they thought they saw something but aren't sure. There will be another PET anc CT in two months. If this "spot" is something, can they give him radiation to this spot even though he had radiation before? If not radiation, he doesn't want anymore chemo and would probably try Iressa. But I'd prefer to save the Iressa because I know it isn't always effective and it would be his final option.

By the way, despite his age, he is currently feeling well, living on his own and is enjoying life.

Thanks in advance for your replies.

Gail P-M

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I've heard that also, but particularly with whole brain radiation. I don't know about other areas of the body, especially if it's a different spot. My husband also had Novalis to brain (pinpoint radiation, or stereotactic radiosurgery), but they can repeat that many, many times because they are precisely hitting only the tumors with radiation and not healthy brain cells. I have also heard that sometimes stereotactic radiosurgery can be used on other parts of the body, but I don't think too many places in the U.S. are offering that yet.

I do think it's remarkable that your dad has been fighting cancer for 4 years, is 80 years old, and is feeling good and enjoying life. That is very good to hear! :D

God bless you,


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I was told that after PCI and WBR, no more radiation could be done again. But I have once asked the oncologist, what if recurrence happened and he said spot radiation could be considered. I don't know much about this.

But, for my own opinion, as long as the health condition is strong enough for chemo, chemo could be considered. In my dad's case, if his infection is resolved, chemo will be a great choice for my dad as he cannot receive radiation more.

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