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Some good news!


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I've mentioned in earlier posts that my dad has been in the hospital since Jan. 30. Hubby and I went to see him today, and he has made tremendous progress this past week. :D He actually walked 20-30 ft. on Friday w/a walker, unassisted. Even though he is on a trach/ventilator, he is also now eating 2-3 small meals/day. Most of his problems that put him there (he fell), or developed after he got there, are better or gone, broken ribs, pneumonia developed, endocarditis, VRE, bronchitis, etc., etc. So he has improved in all respects, except for his lungs. He has severe COPD and was actually getting a lot worse before he fell. They keep trying to wean him off the vent, but haven't had much success so far. His pulmonary doc says his underlying disease is just so bad and basically his lungs are shot. Otherwise, at 76, he is quite physically strong and one of the happiest, positive, upbeat guys living. He loves to flirt with the nurses and even though he can't talk since he's on a ventilator, he still manages to smile and wink at the nurses. That's my dad! Just thought I'd share a little good news. It was also fun that hubby could go with me. (That's even more good news! :D:D ) I usually go by msyelf 3-4 times a week. Hubby is doing just so much better since that darned old chemo is wearing off. I hope everyone had a very HAPPY EASTER!

God's love to everybody!


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Peggy, didn't know anyone could stay in the hospital that long anymore. I thought everyone got kicked out after 60 days of medicare.

So glad he seems to be doing better. My Buddy always kept the nurses on their toes too. they were all so kind to him and me.

Glad you hubby is doing better.

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Glad to hear your dad is doing better. My dad loved to flirt with the nurses too. He was 84 yrs young. It boosts their morale and spirits and brings a big smile to their faces. May he continue to get better and happy to hear your hubby is doing better. As always you and your family are in my prayers...



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