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Good Advice gone good


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An 85 year old man goes to the doctor. He is feeling so bad he can hardly get out of the chair and walk to the door. The doctor examined him and gave his advice about caring for himself.

A few months later the doctor is at a night club with his wife when he sees the old man. He can hardly believe his eyes. The old man that he thought would have been dead by then was on the dance floor with a beautiful young woman kicking up his heels.

Stunned the doctor had to know what that man had done to change him so much. He walked up to him and asked "I see you are doing wonderful. The last time I saw you you could hardly walk and now you are out dancing and having a great time. What have you been doing?"

"Just following your advice" the man said. Shocked the doctor asked "What advice?".

The man replied "Get a hot mama and be cheerful". The doctor said "no I told you that you have a heart murmer be careful."

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